Amber & Jet Lectures

This event appeals especially to groups of specifically interested participants, who want to learn about the peculiar conditions and skills necessary if you shall obtain success of the coming hours of intensive hunting on your own hand without meeting unnecessary competition from other insistent hunters.

The lecture also includes information about the rights valid for hunting amber as well as jet at the water's edge along the unbarred Danish coasts as well as of the transport equipment allowed to be used for this task.

In the lecture I will tell about the hunter's dependency when it comes to tides, local sandbanks and groynes. The typical hunting tools will be shown as well as a number of examples of various types of findings of amber & jet.

Relevant questions will be answered after the lecture, which will take approx. an hour.
My lecture fee per team/group is 950 DKK + mileage allowance, to be paid according to invoice (not later than one week after the lecture).

Supplementing information by
historian & natureguide Gert Ravn
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