Amber Snaps

The small pieces found during amber hunting are very fine for producing amber snaps essence. Diluted with clear snaps this is good as preventive medicine as well as for your general health.

The amber essence is produced of 25 g North Sea amber in small pieces, rinsed thoroughly in freshwater (3 times) and laid out for drying on a clean cloth. Place the amber pieces in a clear jar with screw-cap (size approx. 1/3 liter), pour ¼ liter clear Brøndums snaps over the amber pieces, close the jar firmly. Place the jar in a safe place by room temperature – without sunlight, leave the essence undisturbed for 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks pour the amber essence from the jar through a filter into a small clear glass bottle with a tight-fitting cap. - Serve with clear snaps – mix1/4 amber essence and 3/4 clear snaps + a small amount of honey.

The enjoyment and the effect of the amber snaps is appreciable. Do not use when driving or when taking strong medicine. - The amber pieces can be reused 6 – 8 times, however please add some new pieces in order to keep the weight on 25 grammes thus the quality will be the finest.

Price for small bags(25g) of amber pieces = 50kr.

Supplementing information by
historian & natureguide Gert Ravn
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